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Big League Players--1920s thru 1960s

Going Deep

Although I first started collecting vintage football autographs in the late 1980s, my collecting interests soon branched out to other sports. That happened after I began reading the sports pages of old newspapers on microfilm.  I discovered the old sports cartoons. These cartoons were popular from after the turn of the century and started to disappear in newspapers about the late 1950s.  The graphic images created by these wonderful artists really appealed to me.  I thought these old sports cartoons would make a wonderful medium for collecting autographs. Not only were they great visual images, but they gave historical context and information about the career of the athlete.  Thus my collection of vintage baseball autographs extends into those who played in the 1920s and who were featured in these great old cartoons.

Each artist was distinct in his style.  Some newspapers had their own in-house artist while other artists were syndicated and their drawings appeared in newspapers across the country. Tom Paprocki (or Pap) was may favorite, but I also liked Alan Maver and Jack Sords. Although this website focuses on baseball, I have a vast collection of vintage tennis, track and field, golf, basketball, boxing, Olympics, and football autographs. My vintage sports autograph collection numbers in the thousands. I have a different website for each different sport. Connect to my other sport sites on the "Links" page.

I still collect autographs, but not in such a frenzied manner as I did in the late 1980s and 1990s. I think it is now time to share these wonderful old athletes, what I have learned about them, and their autographs with you.

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Dedicated to Bob Lillis and Minnie Minoso  

The Bob Lillis autographed postcard was my first baseball autograph. My dad went to a banquet in West Covina where Lillis was speaking in the 1950s. He brought this home and gave it to me.  In 1988, I thought it might be fun to collect autographs and started by sending a mail request to Minnie Minoso, my favorite baseball player. To show how little I knew, I sent him this lined 3.5x6 lined notecard to sign rather than the standard 3x5 card.

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